Policies and Guidelines

Home Study Policies

  • The prospective adoptive parents must both be at least 21 years of age in order to apply for home study services with Adoption & Beyond, there should be no more than 60 years of age between the adopted child and the oldest adoptive parent. This policy excludes relative adoptions.
  • If married, a family must be married a minimum of one year prior to applying for home study services with Adoption & Beyond.
  • Adoption & Beyond may refer a family to an appropriate licensed professional, such as a physician, psychiatrist, clinical social worker or professional substance abuse counselor for an evaluation and written report if Adoption & Beyond determines there are areas beyond our expertise that need to be addressed prior providing a home study approval.

Adoption & Beyond’s Domestic Agency Program Policies

  • Prospective adoptive parents must be at between the ages of 25 years and 57 to enter Adoption & Beyond’s Domestic Agency Adoption Program.
  • In order for a family to enter Adoption & Beyond’s Domestic Agency Adoption Program, Adoption & Beyond must have performed the family’s home study or updated home study.
  • Prospective adoptive families must be open to adopting a child of either gender in order to enter into Adoption & Beyond’s Domestic Agency Adoption Program

General Agency Policies & Guidelines

  • Convictions for violent crimes (e.g. assault, battery, abuse, sexual offense, etc.) or substantiated crimes against children are unacceptable when considering the safety of a child and preclude such individuals from consideration and participation in Adoption & Beyond’s adoption services.
  • Convictions for non-violent crimes (e.g. fraud, theft, illegal drug activity, DUI, etc.) are cause for concern when considering the stability of the potential home but do not automatically preclude Adoption & Beyond from working with such individuals. Said individuals shall be subjected to a more thorough evaluation. Factors such as the number of convictions, date of last conviction and “seriousness” of the crime will be taken into consideration. Please discuss any criminal situations or arrests with us prior to applying for services with Adoption & Beyond.
  • Adoption & Beyond’s policy is that adoptive families will use age-appropriate discipline techniques with their children as they grow. In addition, during the temporary custody period prior to the finalization of the adoption, adoptive parents will not use corporal punishment as a form of discipline with their newly adopted child.
  • The family can, at any time, choose to withdraw from the adoption process. Adoption & Beyond also reserves the right to terminate services at any time when a family has acted in bad faith, conducted themselves in an unreasonable or verbally abusive manner, exhibited unreasonable expectations related to their adoption efforts, have supplied false, misleading, or omitted information, or the working relationship between the two parties cannot continue due to unresolved issues. Adoption & Beyond, in its professional judgment, will consider all circumstances in determining the suitability of interrupting or terminating the adoption process and retains the right to terminate services at any time.
  • Please consult Adoption & Beyond regarding unique family situations in relation to these general polices and guidelines.