Love Abounds Here

Letter of Introduction:

Hi! We are Ravi, Nasim, and Nyala. We know that you are looking for a family to love your child as much as you do. We would love to hear about your hopes and dreams for yourself and your child and to help you get to know us, to see if we are the right fit.

We want you to know that we have been praying for you and your baby, and for our paths to cross if it is meant to be. While we don't know your exact circumstances, we know you are strong, persevering, and that you love your baby very, very much. Should you choose to place your child with us, we will always let our child know just how much he/she was loved from the very beginning and forever. We would like an open adoption, while respecting your wishes with regard to the degree of openness that feels most comfortable.

Our family can be described as open, warm, multi-ethnic, stable, joyful, loving, spiritual, service-oriented, unified, cooperative, and flexible. We live in a diverse neighborhood in Overland Park, KS, with our three year old daughter Nyala, and will soon be moving to a four-bedroom home in another even more diverse neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. Ravi is a mental health counselor and intake coordinator at a community mental health center in Kansas City, Missouri, and Nasim is a breast cancer surgeon in Overland Park, Kansas. For the first two years of Nyala's life, Ravi was a stay-at-home dad and since then, Nasim has switched to working part-time (three days a week), with Ravi working four days a week, so we can spend quality time with our daughter. We love being parents and realize what a critical role we play in shaping the future and well-being of our children.

We open our home to a diverse group of friends for uplifting gatherings approximately once a week, and support young people in their services to their community. We used to mentor a group of 11-15 year olds in our neighborhood and now we support others to do the same. We feel that this practical experience of interacting with others and learning to be of service is critical to our children's self-concept of their place in the world and helps to instill in them a sense of purpose.

Your child will be swept up in a sea of unconditional love, physical affection, and joy - but will also learn discipline, morals, and a good character. We have a unified, joyful, consistent parenting style that is generous with praise and uses redirection when necessary. The most important lesson we have learned as parents is to "love the child in front of you". By that we mean, letting go of any preconceived notions of how our child should or should not be, what needs she should or should not have, and simply learn to respond to the child's needs and try to know their grand little souls for who they really are - unique individuals bursting with potential.

We wish you the best with your decision,
Ravi and Nasim

About Ravi :

About Ravi (by Nasim): What first attracted me to Ravi was his sense of joy about life, and his calm and caring demeanor. We met at a small gathering for people interested in community development and enkindled a friendship from there on. Ten months later we were married after receiving the blessing to do so from both sides of our families. What I came to know about Ravi during our more than five years of marriage is that he is a great friend to many, is very much committed to personal growth, and is an exceptionally loving father and playmate to our daughter. He is committed to the well-being of his family, but his definition of family is broad to include almost every human being! He always sees the good in others and is able to fully forgive. He is very much a soft spot to land on. In times of ease and comfort, he is a great friend to be with on this journey of life; in times of difficulty and hardship, he is most kind, gentle, encouraging, and comforting. In imaginary play, he chases away lions, walks alongside dinosaurs in the forest, flies helicopters, and pretends to be a barber with our almost three year old girl. In real life he is 33 years old and is a mental health counselor at a local community health clinic where he conducts therapy fluently in spanish as needed, and volunteers much of his time to the community building efforts of our faith community. He plays the guitar, loves playing basketball, and enjoys sports or a good movie when alone. I hope you get to meet him. I believe he will put you at ease and will listen intently to your hopes and dreams for yourself and your child and will work hard to make them come true.

About Nasim:

About Nasim (by Ravi): The day after I met Nasim at a gathering for those interested in community development from a spiritual grassroots approach, I told my mother that I believed I had met the woman I would marry. My wife Nasim has the blend of the most diverse qualities that make her a unique and beautiful person. She is scientific, thorough, detailed oriented, and yet loving, very intuitive, and considerate towards others. She is also an incredible researcher and reader. She loves knowledge and seeks it out everywhere she is, and imparts that knowledge to our three year daughter in such creative ways. Recently we went to the nearby park and Nasim and Nyala went on a "nature walk" around the track in the park, taking turns being explorers and naming what they saw: they then had me join them and showed me the heart shaped leaves, the white flowers on the grass, the stream below - all things they took time to notice and appreciate. Nyala even identified a "person running" as part of nature. She then had Nyala close her eyes and use her sense of hearing to explore the world around her - they identified two different bird calls, and the sound of the wind; finally, she helped Nyala hone in on the warmth of the sun on her back. In one nature walk, our daughter felt not only infinitely loved by her mother, but learned about nature, praised God for His creation, and learned about the various senses and different ways of knowing. She also felt she had been on an adventure in a magical forest all at the same time. Nasim is also infinitely patient with our daughter Nyala in teaching her right from wrong in the most loving way possible. She is very committed to exposing Nyala to the arts as well as to learning in general, takes her to storytime at the library each week, and reads to her constantly. When Nyala is sick, she wants Nasim, who will stay up all night if necessary without a complaint. She is not grossed out by vomit (like I am!) and is very loving and tender with not just Nyala but children in general. She is resilient, perseveres through challenges, is extremely loyal to family and friends, and a stalwart defender of justice and fairness to others. She is a loving daughter and sister, and enjoys seeing others pursue and fulfill their dreams, and helping that process however she can. She is also a fantastic and creative cook, loves ballet, and has written many children's songs that are sweet, creative, and effective! I can't wait for you to meet her - you will be amazed by the extreme humility with which she carries herself - you would never know if you met her on the street that she is in an extremely accomplished scientist and surgeon who now devotes her practice solely to caring for women with breast cancer. Nasim cannot wait to become a mother again, and shower your child with the same love and care she has shown Nyala.

Family Activities:

Spending time with friends: We love spending time with friends around a bonfire, drinking hot tea, or while on a walk. We believe children should grow up learning how to have healthy lasting relationships, and valuing these more than anything money can buy. Going to the park: It seems like such a simple thing, but children come to life at the park where they can play and live fully in the moment, where they have our attention 100%. One of our favorite things to do as a family is go to the park. Recently, we went to the Concourse where Nyala ran around the fountains and splashed about in delight. Exercising once a week as a family: We try to support our health by committing to exercising once a week as a family at the local community center where Ravi plays basketball, Nasim swims, and Nyala splashes in the pool. We pray every day: Every morning when we first wake up, we offer up a prayer as a family, and every night before we go to sleep we do the same. After our bedtime prayers, we each say something we are grateful for, as well as something we want to work on doing better the following day. Pancakes on Saturdays: We enjoy bonding over making pancakes, pouring the milk into the big silver bowl, stirring the gooey batter, and finally enjoying the pancake (with syrup of course!) and some fruit on top.