Meet the Allen Family!

Letter of Introduction:

We hope to give you a glimpse into our family. We want you to see the love we have for each other, and the love we have for our children. Because of a family member and a close friend who had been adopted, the plan to grow our family by adoption had been in our hearts from the days when we were dating and talking about our future family.

We knew it was time to open the door to adoption when we discovered that Jennifer had fertility issues. It didn't matter to us if our children didn't look like us, or didn't have our personalities. We just knew that we were ready to love the family that would be created. One day a call came, 3 year old twins entered our lives, and the miracle of becoming parents to our sons. Now Braiden and Weston are 6 years old. We are hoping and praying that another little one(s) will be added to our family.

Braiden and Weston are praying that they will have a little sister or brother soon. They keep asking us, "when is our sister or brother going to get here?" At first they insisted they would be having a sister, but now they are equally excited talking about a sister or brother. Our hearts are ready for whatever door God opens. We would be just as excited to have another son, or a daughter. This is the life and unconditional love we have to offer. We are all very excited for the day when we meet the new little one we will share our hearts with.

Our Story:
We think we have the sweetest love story! We met 13 years ago when Neil's brother and Jennifer's sister started dating. Our first walk down the aisle in 2001 was as Best Man and Maid of Honor. Some years later it was as husband and wife! We had grown up, become best friends, and fell in love. For seven happily married years we have walked this journey of life together. We share the same values and ideals. We have many of the same interests, and find joy in the simple things of life together. We bring out the best in each other. We are soul mates, we are so blessed to have each other.

As Parents:
We take the responsibility of raising, teaching, and nurturing our children very seriously. We want to raise our children in a home like we grew up in. Our homes were based on a faith in God and we felt safe, protected, and cherished. We want our home to be full of love, joy, and laughter. We want to teach our children by example, so they will listen to the words we speak. We want our children to love learning so that they can pursue their dreams. We want to be parents who inspire our children to one day have a loving marriage and home like the one they grew up in.

Our Promise:
To us adoption is the same as having a biological child in the sense that a child is becoming ours by love. There is no difference in having a biological child or an adopted child when it comes to the way we see our bond, our relationship, and our job as parents. Because of this we promise you:

To love, provide for, and cherish your child in every way.
To teach your child about God and what it means to have love and grace.
To respect him or her and the person God created them to be.
To provide for a child's physical needs and emotional needs to the best of our ability.
To give your child encouragement and a safe place to grow and learn.
To nurture your child and help them discover who they are.
To show our children to honor and respect others.
To be our children's greatest supporters in life.
To love our children unconditionally.
To always pray for our children.

About Neil :

I am happiest spending time outdoors or reading a good book. I enjoy running, photography, fishing, hiking, spending time with my family, and playing with my children. I enjoy doing things for others. I like to tease and joke with my wife and children. I love seeing them laugh and smile. I love children, teaching them, and watching them grow. I work in the healthcare field as a Supply Chain Analyst.

By Jennifer...About Neil: On Neil's wedding band I engraved: "All my Love, Trust, and Respect." In the ups and downs of life Neil is my best friend, love, and support. Neil is a kind and gentle man with a quiet disposition. He lightens up our days with his funny one liner sayings, jokes, and tickling. Neil shows love by amazing little things in life like sending me "love" texts through the day, getting supper when I'm tired, and pitching in to fold laundry. Neil is an amazing father as I always knew he would be. Neil takes the time to listen to our children's stories, play games with them, and build lego creations. Braiden and Weston adore him!

About Jennifer:

I am happiest when I am spending time with my family. Building memories and having fun times together are a joy to my life! I enjoy singing, baking, reading, sewing, hiking, horse back riding, museums, day trips, and camping. I love to fill my house with the smell of fresh bread, trying to answer my children's questions, playing with Braiden and Weston, and going on date nights with Neil. In the past I worked as a dental assistant and office manager. Now as a stay-at-home mom I get to spend precious time with our sweet pumpkins.

By Neil...About Jennifer On Jennifer's wedding band I engraved: "My Life Began With You." Jennifer's smiles and positive attitude in life brings joy to those around her. Jennifer enjoys dancing on a whim, or in the middle of a conversation with me, which makes me laugh. She will start singing when a word or phrase reminds her of a song. Jennifer willingly helps others without complaint. She puts our marriage and family first. As a stay-at-home Mom she works hard to provide the best environment for our children to learn and grow in.

Family Activities:

As a family we love to..
read books aloud
play games
go for walks on nature trails
go to museums
play at the park
play with our friends
go camping
climb up a mountain
visit with our family & friends
ride our bikes
go sledding
build legos
have devotions together

Braiden -Loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, bulldozers, books, baseball, his bike, building things, going to the 100 acre family farm where Great-Papa and Nana live, his brother, and spending any time he can with his 6 cousins.

Weston-Loves to build things, firetrucks, singing, baseball, the outdoors, going to the family farm, camping, books, and trains. He loves playing with his brother and cousins and asks all the time when cousins can spend the night.