Mark and Kelly excited to adopt!

Letter of Introduction:

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby!

We can't wait to tell you more about ourselves, but before we begin, we want you to know that we respect your desire to find the best adoptive family to love and cherish your miracle of life. You are making an incredibly courageous and thoughtful decision. One that speaks to your unconditional love for your child, putting he or she above all else.

We promise that we will raise your child with love and respect and an understanding of the miracle that created our family. Your child will be raised feeling proud of who they are and will always know the decision you made was one of love. We truly cannot wait to share our love and lives with a child. Our hearts are exploding with love to offer a child. We know without a doubt the child that becomes part of our family, will be the child that God has chosen for us.

Our journey to grow our family has been just that, a journey. One that brought us numerous roadblocks along the path. We tried five rounds of in vitro and Kelly's sister even selflessly attempted to surrogate for our last round. We always knew we wanted to grow our family in part through adoption and we have come to the realization that it is GOD's plan we become adoptive parents first. GOD CHOSE US to share our hearts and souls with our future child, and we can't wait.

We mention this because our entire family has been part of this process. They too have prayed for a baby. Whomever we adopt will be entering a family with open arms and open hearts.

As you read more about our personalities, hobbies, home, and life; we hope you can see your child fitting in with our family. this is only a small glimpse into our lives, if you would like to get to know us, please contact our adoption advisor at Adoption and Beyond.

About Mark:

Mark is the happiest friendliest person I have ever met. He can literally talk to anyone, about anything! He sees the best in everyone and has this innate positivity and way of turning lemons into lemonade. I admire him so much for this strength and emotional intelligence. He, somehow, is always able to cope with anything in a positive manner and is always my rock. Mark is also the most loyal person I have ever met. He has been by my side through ups and downs ,through thick and thin, and I know he loves me unconditionally. His loyalty goes beyond our relationship to his work life, friends and family. His is still best friends with his friends from childhood. Mark commits himself fully to his friends, his family, myself, and I know beyond a shadow of doubt that he would never betray that commitment. He is kind and gentle with our dogs, and a proud fur daddy. He is so engaged with our niece and nephews. They adore him! I see Mark's grandparents and parents as strong role models and loving examples and somehow, Mark ended up with all of their positive traits! I know Mark will make an excellent dad and will love our child with a heart that is even bigger than the one he has now. Mark grew up very involved, whether that was drama, band, sports, debate, Mark was in every group, and moving around as a child he was exposed to many cultural backgrounds. His is still very active. He enjoys learning, exercising, golf, movies, concerts, volunteering, and more. I know he will be able to connect with any child regardless of their interests. I feel so lucky to have a husband that is so open and accepting of all, and so excited to be a dad. His individual hobbies include: exercising and lifting weights, movies, music, politics, sports, volunteering and his job.

About Kelly:

I like to joke Kelly's best two attributes are her poor eye sight and poor taste in men because they allowed her to settle for me. Kelly really is an angel, ask anyone that knows her. Just ask what she does for a living (working with sick kids) and it will be clear the kind of person you would be choosing to raise your child. It takes a special kind of person to dedicate their career to make lives better for children. It's a testament to her character, and the parents that raised her. She is kind, loving, fun, caring, helpful and on and on and on. Maybe what I like best about Kelly though is her "Partner-ness". What I mean is she is my partner. She is my teammate, my other half. No matter how bad anything ever gets, I know Kelly will never quit on me and she'd never quit on her family. I think Kelly's greatest strength is her capacity to love and her passion for the things she loves. That passion is what makes her great at her job. It's what makes her a great friend and partner and it is what has pushed her to be a leader in our relationship when it comes to family growth. As you can tell I could go on and on, so let me just say, Kelly is the best thing to happen to me. Her individual hobbies include: cooking and baking, reading, watching a good movie or tv show, walking our dogs, decorating, board games, and yoga.

Family Activities:

Family is very important to us and we spend as much of our free time with them as possible. Kelly's family tends to do active things together outside on their farm and at their summer home. Mark's family enjoys doing activities such as going to football games and museums. Of course spending time with our niece and nephews is a highlight in our family time! Mark is a sports fanatic. His love is infectious! Whether its a chiefs, royals, or Nebraska game, we love to attend sporting events together. In our free time, traveling is one of our favorite things to do. Between the two of us we have been to 43 of the 50 states and 3 other countries. We love music! We have a huge collection, love to go to concerts, and Mark even plays bass. Lastly we love to spend time in our neighborhood. We live near the heart of the city, but it has a suburban feel. We live close to parks, libraries, walking trails, and restaurants. Our neighborhood is filled with young kids and dogs and everyone spends time outside.