Dan and Shannon

Letter of Introduction:

Thank you for making the selfless and courageous decision to choose life. We are honored and humbled to be able share our story with you.

We are a KC Metro area family who enjoys many Kansas City traditions such as eating BBQ and Mexican, visiting the Plaza lights every Christmas, cheering on the Royals, tailgating and enjoying the Kansas City's incredible arts community.

We met in college in 2000 and after what seemed to be the longest three years ever, got married in a beautiful church in downtown Kansas City. After earning college degrees and spending two years in southern Utah for Shannon to complete her masters degree, we moved back to Kansas City and welcomed our biological daughter into our family in 2009.

Dan is a high school science teacher and football coach and Shannon is a director for an area non-profit organization. Our daughter is a loving, caring, confident little girl who is wise beyond her years and very excited to have a sibling!

In 2014 our hearts were stirred to add to our family through adoption. Though we have no infertility issues, God placed adoption on our hearts as the means to which we should complete our family. It is our desire to adopt a child just as Christ has adopted us and to provide unconditional love and support to another child.

Dan’s mother was adopted as an infant and we have gotten to see first-hand what an amazing life she has had because her birth mother chose life and her adopted parents followed their convictions to adopt their second child. She is now a retired nurse, mother of four, and grandmother of two!

We hope that our profile gives you a REAL picture of what we are about. We are a family that is founded in truth and always seeks to live life to the fullest with the end goal of eternity in mind.

We feel strongly that being a birth family is a truly selfless act and we are praying for you and your family's strength and courage. We look forward to welcoming and providing unconditional love to this newest blessing to our family.

Thank you for giving us the privilege of sharing a small part of our family story with you. We believe that God has a plan for us all in every circumstance. He provides redemption, opportunities for growth and great joy for those who look for his direction. We will be in prayer for you and the health of the baby.

About Dan:

I still remember the first time I met Dan. He came up to my table at dinner in the cafeteria in our student union at Southwest Baptist University and introduced himself. He impressed me because when he introduced himself to me, he looked me square in the eyes and shook my hand. Since that October day in 2000, Dan has never stopped impressing me. He rises to every challenge and excels in all that he does, not because he is more talented or smarter than anyone else, but because he puts his all into everything he does. He is an amazing father, husband, teacher, mentor and coach. He is a man of his word, a man of God and the man I love.

Dan likes: - Grilling - The Denver Broncos - Running - Listening to music - Friday Night Football - Tailgating

About Shannon:

When we met, the thing that attracted me most to Shannon was how real she was. The best words to describe my wife are steady and truthful. Shannon never waivers. She is a rock. In an ever-changing world that doesn't know what it wants or what it stands for, she does. She is the compass of this family, always praying for the right direction for this family. Her integrity is uncompromising. She is never in doubt about what is right and wrong, she knows no 'grey area.' Her wisdom when we go through trouble as a family has always amazed me. She is a woman of God who goes after what is right even if that means expressing uncomfortable truths to those she loves most.

Shannon Likes: - Musicals - Swimming - Singing - Running - Hiking - Tailgating - Baking

Family Activities:

We are a family that enjoys having fun. Our home is always open to our friends, family and Dan's players. Whether it is a weekend pool party or walking to Shannon's sister's house for a movie under the stars, we try to live life to its fullest. We believe that in life it is more important to collect great experiences than to collect "stuff". We are also excited to join the families in our church who have collectively adopted more than 50 children in the last 5 years. We are so thankful to be surrounded by families that all look different and can support each other while we all raise our children.

How we spend our time:

- We love hanging out in our pool. It is great to be able to have friends and family over - it is like having a vacation in our backyard.

- The whole family runs: Dan runs 50+, 26.2 & 13.1 miles races, Shannon runs 13.1 & 6.2 mile races and our daughter has logged hundred of miles being pushed in her running stroller - but she has ran in a couple of races of her own.

- We love to eat great food! Kansas City has amazing BBQ, Mexican, Jamaican and Italian food that we all enjoy.

- We spend Friday nights cheering on Dan and his team with the other coaches wives and kids.

- Our living room frequently turns into a dance club. There is nothing better than to shake off a bad day or celebrate an amazing day in our "club."

- We spend family time enjoying nature while hiking in the spring and fall!

- Shannon's specialty is making cupcakes. She even made 300 for Dan's sister's wedding!

- Vacations!!! Skiing...Disney World...the beach...we love traveling together!