Myths & Facts

Myth: The birth parents will regret their decision for the rest of their lives.
Fact: For the prospective birth parent facing an unplanned pregnancy, making an adoption plan can be very positive.

Myth: Birth parents are uncaring and soon forget about their child.
Fact: Prospective birth parents make loving and unselfish parenting decisions when they plan adoption.

Myth: Adoption damages the child.
Fact:  Adopted children do as well or better in life than children who are not adopted.

Myth: The adoption process is secretive. 
Fact: The adoption process today seeks to share information on a level that will benefit all involved.

Myth: Adoption means waiting years to adopt.
Fact: In the majority of cases, adoption can occur in less than two years.

Myth: Persons over 40 are too old to adopt.
Fact: Adoption & Beyond places children with parents’ ranging in age from their mid 20’s to late 50’s.

Myth: Persons already parenting are not eligible to adopt.
Fact: Adoption & Beyond welcomes families who are already parenting.

Myth: Children must be placed with same race families.
Fact: When appropriate, Adoption & Beyond practices trans-cultural and trans-racial placements.

Myth: Single persons cannot adopt.
Fact: Adoption & Beyond welcomes single parents.